How much money will it cost me?

The budget varies according to each case, depends on the quality of the donor area of the patient. Therefore, we recommend to our patients approach the clinic to obtain an assessment of our medical team and an estimate of the price.

Do I have to shave my hair?

Not always. It is necessary to shave the donor area to facilitate the extraction, but thanks to our DHI Technique it is possible to implant the follicular units in the receiving area without cutting the hair.

In the case of women, thanks to their long hair in most cases, there is no need to make a visible shave in the donor area. Esto se consigue mediante el rasurado de finas líneas en la cabeza, que quedan ocultas bajo el resto de la melena.

When can I back to work without it being obvious the hair transplant?

Between 8 and 10 days depending on the consistency of the patient himself in the wash. Starting from the eighth day, the patient should wash his scalp twice a day so that on the tenth day the patient can join his routine normally.

When can I exercise?

The first 10 days will be rest days. The patient may exercise moderately as well as go for a walk. You can return to the gym after ten days once the graft area has healed completely and the entire scab area has been cleaned. However, for contact sports such as boxing or similar, you will have to wait a month. If you want to go to the pool, it is advisable to use non-silicone swimming caps so that the follicles are not tractioned.

How should I sleep?

It is preferable to sleep on your back to avoid swelling of the face.

When does swelling appear and how long does it last?

Swelling does not always appear, however in some patients it is the case and appears on the second and third day and takes approximately the same to disappear.

How long should I use anti-inflammatories?

It’s about five days of treatment.

How long does anestesia last?

The anestesia lasts approximately four hours. After the patient usually has a feeling of slight pressure on the head that disappears throughout the day. Waking up the next day without any discomfort.

When do I wash my head?

If the patient is from an area near the clinic, the first wash will be done in the same area after 2-3 days after the intervention. The first days you should shower from the neck down. If water falls on the graft while we shower the first few days, nothing will happen, you just have to be careful with the water pressure because it can lift them.

What kind of shampoo should I use?

Any frequently used shampoo is useful for washing the scalp. It is advisable not to use antiseborrheic shampoos.

How long should I use the spray?

The first three days to keep the grafts in a humid environment while the implant heals.

Can I wear head covering hats?

Yes, in fact in the same clinic you will be given a hat, so that you can return to your routine, in truth, wool caps or small caps cannot be worn for the first ten days.

How many hairs can normally fall a day?

It can be considered that 50 to 100 hair a day is a normal hair loss.

Do you lose more hair because you have fat?

Hair loss and seborrhea are caused by the same cause. Male hormones that act in genetically predisposed individuals cause hair loss and increase sebaceous secretion.

What are the differences between male alopecia and female alopecia?

Normally female alopecia is a diffuse alopecia of parietal regions without frontoparietal recession and that respects a thin frontal band, while in man, alopecia is more localized starting with the retraction of the first implantation line and a frontoparietal recession that affects the vertex.

Where can I go to fight hair loss?

The dermatologist is the most qualified professional to diagnose and treat any hair problem.

Can you notice that it is a transplanted hair?

Today, with the hair recovery techniques used by dermatologists the aesthetic result is totally satisfactory.

Does the hair dryer damage the hair?

In principle, making reasonable and careful use, it should not damage the hair.


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