They can be prescribed individually or occasionally combined with topical treatments.

A good diagnosis will help determine the most effective therapeutic plan, adapting the dose and frequency to each case and always under medical supervision.


The most effective oral hair treatment is based on the drug Propecia, whose active substance is finasteride. It was originally designed as a medicine to treat prostate problems. This medicine causes an inhibition of the enzyme type 5-a-reductase type II, reduciendo la transformación de la testosterona en DHT, responsable final de la caída de cabello. Thus the hair growth cycle is normalized and the fall process slows down.

There are usually presented in tablets that contain a milligram of finasteride and one tablet should be taken daily to prevent DHT from causing miniaturization of hair follicles.


Oral hair treatment with antiandrogens is based on the drug oral ciprotenone Acetate, which has an antiandrogen and progestogen action. It is used in combination with the estrogen ethinyl estradiol acting in blocking DHT receptors, acting in blocking DHT receptors.