We have the best PRP in Bilbao. Through dermal microinjections, we get your hair to grow healthy and strong, increasing the thickness and density of the hair.

The clinic’s medical team recommends doing PRP sessions after hair grafting so that the hair grows in the best possible conditions. In fact, if the patient applies this treatment before surgery, the results will be even better, since we will extract stronger and higher quality follicular units extracted.

The PRP procedure is performed in 45 minute sessions. These are the advantages of performing this treatment in our facilities:

Hombre sonriendo y tocándose el pelo

Our advantages


  • We just need one hair extraction. Thanks to our cleanroom, we can keep the biological material extracted to the patient for the rest of the sessions, while in other clinics it is necessary to perform several extractions. In this way, we save our patients both time and pricks. In addition, the extraction is done in the clinic itself.
  • Our PRP is better because we activate in our laboratory 100% of the platelets we inject, while other centers do not have the means to achieve it.
  • We use the TrycoSTYM laser, which reactivates capillary vascularization and helps the uptake of nutrients for hair growth, achieving better results.
  • We perform a 20-minute hair massage to the patient after each session.
  • Our facilities allow us to have the most competitive prices in the market with the best value for money.


PRP treatment begins with a blood collection by venipuncture. Once the sample is obtained, it is centrifuged in the laboratory until the plasma is obtained, where the platelets are found.

These factors play an essential role in tissue repair and regeneration processes, increasing vascularization and prolonging the hair growth phase.


A blood sample is taken, which is processed in the AlopeCell Technologies laboratory located in the same clinic, under sterile conditions. Biomolecules stimulating cell regeneration are applied:

By infiltration

Growth factors infiltrate the scalp at an appropriate concentration contributing to slow down the fall and revitalize the hair root.

The number of sessions will vary according to the needs of each patient and will be determined according to diagnosis and medical prescription.

By mesotherapy

Through electromagnetic waves it is possible that the biomolecules penetrate the hair bulb, promoting hair growth and normalizing the phases of hair loss.

As a complement to the treatments offered in Ercilla Dermatological Clinic, customized fall protection lotions are prepared in the laboratory according to the needs of each patient and always with the medical advice of Dr. Gorrochategui.